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dun na na princess awesome

dun na na princess awesome


fish shaming [x]

I have a few hours before work so I’ll livestream my nsfw ColdWave drawins, come over if you feel so inclined

When I was really young and going to church with my family I remember the teacher asked the whole Sunday school class if they would ever run out into traffic to save someone from an oncoming car. After a count of hands, the teacher asked if they would save a pet, cat, dog, goldfish, favorite pair of shoes - and after that it kind of just dissolved into immature jokes. But the question still stayed in my head.

For as long as I can remember I’ve always had this crippling fear that if the time ever came to put myself in between someone I care about and real danger.

I know some people are just wired a certain way and when that time comes, their fight-or-flight thing kicks in and some people can’t do anything but run away because that’s just how their brain works.

I remember the times I kicked poisonous snakes away from my pets and the times I’ve slapped spiders away from my family members with my bare hands. Or all those times I found myself in precarious situations trying to save my younger brothers from their own stupidity. At the time it didn’t seem that dangerous. It’s not until a few hours later I think ‘What the fuck was I thinking??’

But I still don’t know if I’d step out into traffic to save somebody, and the scariest thing is that I don’t think I’ll ever know until it happens. And what scares me most is the prospect of either getting seriously injured or killed jumping out into danger without even thinking like I usually do, or standing there and not doing anything.

I don’t know I just think about that a lot.

Me: I feel like sleeping in my recliner tonight

Dogs: lol

googled ‘Cream chiweeny’


I think milk and pepper might be cream dachshund mixed

also had fun drawing megamind :D

also had fun drawing megamind :D

A prompt turned into a Victor pinup
still streamin uwu

A prompt turned into a Victor pinup

still streamin uwu

Gonna draw and stoof

but I’ll just play the impossible game until someone shows up


Summer is now in full swing which means it’s Tanbo season in Japan. Last year we shared some amazing examples of Tanbo art (田んぼアート) or “rice paddy art”, created by Japanese farmers (aided by lots of volunteers) who work by hand to plant different strains of rice in order to transform their rice paddies into colossal living canvases. No artificial coloring methods are used to create these awesome scenes. Each color is simply a different type of rice.

"While planting, different areas of the rice paddy are roped off, so people know which type of rice to put where—kind of like painting by numbers.

Rice is planted in the spring, and then harvested in the fall. When it gets close to harvest, the color changes to a beautiful hue called “koganeiro” (黄金色), which is often translated as “golden” or “honey-colored”. This means the art changes as the seasons change.”

The rice paddies pictured at the top of this post depict a celestial maiden from the Japanese legend of Hagoromo beside Mount Fuji, which was recently recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

Visit Kotaku for additional images.

im a good artist

i can draw buildings


what do you mean orange chicken isnt a fruit